User-centric and analytics-driven



This platform is designed specifically for clients and their families. It enables them to monitor, asses, and make changes in their individualized healthcare services, or Life Care Plans as they are called at Avior. This platform empowers clients by creating complete transparency of health-related services they are getting, allowing full customization of options and plans while maximizing the benefits of their low-cost care setting. The platform’s integrated caregiver-to-client matching feature lets patient choose the caretaker they want. User-friendly and intuitive, clients and their families are encouraged to be involved in management and customization of their Life Care Plans. A higher level of personalized home care will reduce their overall health care-related costs. This client-centric platform is truly home healthcare redefined.



A virtual caregiver onboarding tool that allows providers to interview and onboard caregivers in realtime. Reducing on-boarding time while meeting state regulatory requirements. The solution to scaling your agency has finallay arrived.



The idea behind AccuCarePlans is simple: knowing your clients enables you to generate and execute more precise and accurate care continuum.AccuCarePlans is the healthcare industry’s leading mobile care management platform that incorporates an array of health assessment tools designed to improve and streamline clinical workflows. User-friendly and natively mobile, at a swipe of a finger these care management tools monitor and gather client’s health-related data, aid in assessing their acuity and risk scores. This fully-integrated add-on care management platform establishes a client-centric, data-driven care plan that reduces potential negative outcomes.



Sensitive information is restricted to a client CareZone, which is defined based on geo-location services and proximity to the central homebase. Information becomes available based on location and authentication protocols built into our proprietary applications. Meeting the highest privacy and HIPPA standards our CareZone defines who can see what information and will automatically erase all sensitive data upon leaving the zone.



AviorWear’s ultra-secure and on-the-go behavioral analytical tools features allow seamless integration of client-specific care plans as well as caregiver’s activities, time, and attendance. Today AviorWear is leading the health-related wearable industry in research, design and testing while staying attuned to the bigger changes in the healthcare industry.