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Healthcare. Connected.

CaringOnDemand is a place where healthcare related technology ideas and concepts turn into real-life products.We are a laboratory, an incubator where the best and the brightest in tech, mathematics, physics, and healthcare come together with one common goal. This goal is to revolutionize and streamline the delivery of home healthcare while optimizing provider's time and resources.


The transition from a patient experience to a client empowered delivery system

U.S. spends more on healthcare than any other country ...The nation's substantial investment in health care is not yielding returns in terms of public satisfaction or health outcomes.

- From the Commonwealth Fund Report

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Simple. Seamless. Connected.

Working with industry leaders CaringOnDemand has designed technology that seamlessly integrates into the daily life of our client. Realtime actionable data is collected and analyzed to create predictive model translations of the analytics driven client care-plan.

Clients are empowered. Family is informed. Healthcare providers are connected. The chances for hospitalization and life distruption is minimized and prevented!



With our virtual caregiver onboarding platform the solution to scaling your agency has finally arrived.


Industry-leading suite of assesment tools packaged into a single, powerful, and user-friendly platform.


Our geo-location-based platform designed to enable sharing of sensitive data at specifically-designated care zones.


Our line of customized wearable technology built for the homecare industry.

We are CaringOnDemand

Fifteen years ago Steven saw a need to bring healthcare services to clients desiring to remain at home. Existing homecare models were designed around rigid government care delivery models that did not address the need of the individual client. Caring People was launched as an alternative solution to expensive facility based care, designed around the client’s specific health needs. Ten years ago Steven embarked down the path of software application development and launched his first proprietary application. Continuously evolving he identified the need to create a window into the daily lives of his clients. Thus, CaringOnDemand was born, and now AviorSciences. Tablets were distributed to every client tailored to their specific needs. As the need for a more connected Healthcare system became more obvious Steven brought together a team of technology experts who posses the talent and enthusiasm to tackle the disconnect in the healthcare system.


Steven East, Founder & CEO

Challenge and change the standard